Vino Train Wine Tour

It has been a while since I posted anything. Things have been very challenging for me lately but with the great support I have from friends and family, prayer, and patience, I know this too shall pass.

I started the first day of Fall with a Santa Barbara Wine Tour with my friend Nakitta, her mom, grandma, and a couple friends. We booked a ride on the Vino Train.The weather was nice and we had an amazing day. The train ride was wonderful with continental breakfast, unlimited mimosas up there; and train ride back was just as nice with a nice dinner and red wine. I've included a couple pics

 I had a chance to wear my amazing clutch purchased from my fellow BLMGirl, Cortnie Elizabeth you can find her handbags at LoveCortnie on FB
 The beautiful sunset on the train ride home
 This was my experience throughout the day. Great wine and beautiful glasses
 This wine tour was truly amazing...
Me and my Bestie


  1. I can see you had a good time. The view looks so relaxing.

    1. I would love to see that view now. This was back in Sept. Thanks Sis!

  2. google needs to get it together it took 4 tries and a password reset to get on here LOL those darn pictures for verification are blurry :/

  3. How lovely! I just did a post about my mom & I visiting vineyards here in MD :) Glad you had a nice time!

  4. Thank you Nae! I'll have to look into your blog.


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