We Have Action!

I'm not sure why I find it so difficult to sit still and write my blog posts, but I do. I enjoy doing it, but sometimes, I find it to be time consuming in my already busy schedule.

Nevertheless, I'm dropping in today to say: WE HAVE ACTION! Princess Haley's hair is still growing and she's still WINNING the battle with Alopecia. You can find my last post HERE as well as a link to my first post. Recently, I posted a picture on Facebook and Instagram of Haley's hair growth. She was sporting a very healthy afro! Well, there is a story behind that afro:
Recently, I wanted to Haley to wear her own hair naturally but she was skeptical after not having hair for some time. As usual, we discussed it, and agreed upon a hairstyle she was most comfortable with (her own hair braided with an extension curly ponytail. She wore that for a couple weeks but with urgency, out of nowhere, she began insisting that I take her hair down. Finally, I asked Jaedyn to take the ponytail out so Haley could take her braids down Friday night. I woke on Saturday morning and did her hair.
After I was done and she saw how much growth she had, she said, "Guess what Mommy? Apparently, there is talk at my school that my hair is fake." I responded, "Well it is! That ponytail is not yours." She then responded, "I know Mommy but they think my hair hasn't grown that much so I'm going to show them I do have hair. I'm wearing this afro to school!" Of course I agreed with her. Self esteem is something none of my children lack. Sunday morning, she awakened with that afro and was ready to take on the world. She wore her afro to Tumbling practice proudly!
                Haley rocking her fro!

While I wanted her to wear her afro to school, I didn't want her to shock everyone! Plus she wet her hair in the shower Sunday night (she took a bath Saturday so the afro wasn't bothered). Seeing that her afro was not in it's high glory because it curled up some, I suggested she let me do a flat twist out on her hair. It's a method that our eldest daughter Prettie uses on her hair (she wears her hair naturally)

Needless to say, Haley agreed. I flat twisted her hair, pinned the ends, covered with a scarf, woke this morning and untwisted her hair and...
The flat twists I did last night. After watching Prettie do it, I think I did a pretty good job.
This morning once I untwisted her hair...
The curls are so defined. Haley's hair pattern is naturally waved so this helped with the process. I love this look!

The past couple years have been very trying for our baby girl but we didn't give up, she didn't give up. She has been teased and made fun of but she didn't let that affect her; I wasn't going to let it affect her. I am so happy for my baby. Her hair came back thicker and healthier like, "WHAT?" I am following blogs of natural hair wearers and I am getting loads of tips from Prettie who even made Haley her very own all natural oil for her hair. When it comes to sticking together and working together, I always say:  "It's an Evans THANG! You wouldn't understand!"
She's all dolled up and ready for school. I can't to pick her up and see how her day went and what her friends and peers thought of her new look.