STILL WINNING! (the fight against Alopecia)

The battle with Alopecia for our baby Haley continues. She's still winning! For those of you familiar with the post I wrote I wrote last year, you may recall she lost a great deal of hair to Alopecia before we even understood how and why it was happening. You can find the post HERE

Although the journey has proved to be challenging at times, we have fought the battle with everything we have, in a positive manner; never allowing Haley to feel anything but support and love. During her Cheer season this year, she decided she didn't want her hair to fully grow back; instead she opted to continue to sport a mohawk. She made this decision because she felt it would be easier and so much more cute than an afro! When you hear me speak of what Haley wants, please believe me that she is allowed to speak her mind and have a say in her hair styles... it is a form of empowerment and self-esteem. It has always been important to me that all my children have a voice, but even more so in this case with Haley.
She's H.E.R.E. - Haley with her mohawk

I agreed with her, and she rocked her Mohawk for the entire Cheer season. However, we made an agreement that when Cheer season was over, we would begin to allow all her hair to grow back in. While she wore this mohawk, her hair began to grow healthy and thick; you could tell by the length of the mohawk. We would get it trimmed at the top a bit with every haircut, but we could clearly see her hair restoring itself with the haircare regimen.

True to my word, I scheduled her an appointment to have her hair braided yesterday (it's been about 3 weeks since she attended Nationals in Vegas) because Cheer season is over (for now) and here is what she looks like today

Last night right after her hair appointment

The braids can be worn with versatility. Right now, they cover the sides which are much shorter than the top. Once the sides grow in more, they can be braided as well.

She has enough hair to braid and we will continue to get it braided and keep up the haircare regimen we have been maintaining. My oldest daughter, Prettie, researched a great deal as well when we discovered Haley had Alopecia and she has learned to make her own Shea Butter for the hair and she graciously brought some to Vegas for Haley so we will also add that product to our haircare regimen as well.

We're so happy for Haley! Not only has her hair grown, but she can feel "normal" again. Those were her exact words last night. She said, "I feel like a normal little girl again! It was fun wearing my mohawk and a lot of people knew me as the little girl with the mohawk who could flip really good. Now they're going to say, she has hair!!!"

I don't care what anyone says or thinks about my baby. As long as she is happy and healthy and knows she's H.E.R.E. for a reason, my heart will always be full. My children are thee most important people in my life. If they're happy, I'm happy. If they're winning, I'm winning. My baby is STILL WINNING!!!!