How Much Time Are Wii Spending on Video Games?

Wii is the game system of choice for me and my kids. Of course hubby is a PS3 lover. Nevertheless, this family enjoys playing video games. I enjoy using the Wii to work out or dance to Michael Jackson moves. The kids, on the other hand enjoy the actual video games. However, now that school has officially started (a couple months ago) we had to make some changes. During the summer months, between the summer readings and occasional writing to stay refreshed, my kids enjoyed playing video games every spare moment they had. Of course there were the "turn that game off and do something constructive" moments, but for the most part, my two younger children played video games with the neighbors and their cousins quite often.
How did this cease? We had the conversation that when school started, the video game playing would be minimal. Sticking to our word is what was key in making this arrangement work. In addition to limiting video game playing, the television hours were also cut. There were a couple times our seven year old tried to pull a fast one on daddy to watch television during the week, but I reminded her in front of Daddy that there is no television watching during the week. I would make her accountable by asking: "Is that what you should be doing? What are the rules?" I put the ball in her corner to make her responsible for her actions and to reflect on the negative behavior.
Its very easy to fall back on your word because sometimes the television is a babysitter for us. But setting limits and sticking to them will teach our children respect. Following through on what we say we'll do, or not do will teach them to respect us for our word and they will in turn practice the same. Rules are rules, don't cave in, you're in charge!
Besides, it gives them something to look forward to on weekends if they have cooperated in school, handled their chores and have been good listeners overall.
Happy Parenting!!!