14 Days of Love Recap (Late Post)

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Sometimes I go all out for the fan if it falls on a weekend. If it falls on a weekday, I usually do something really nice for them; I love the look on their faces when they wake up and see what treats are waiting for them.
I show my family love all year long; however, having a very special day makes things a bit exciting. Sometimes I choose to just reflect on the love that God has for us all. You can read that HERE But this year I thought I'd try something a bit different. I just LOVE PINTEREST because I find so many great recipes, crafts, clothes, shoes, projects, etc!

This year's Valentin's Day excitement came off one of many Boards on Pinterest. It's called 14 Days of Love. The object is to give my sweeties something different everyday for 14 days. I absolutely loved this idea and I headed straight to Target to find what I needed.

Here is what I found at Target:
Every single item listed on the Pinterest Board

I found these cute tags in the Scrapbooking aisle at Target. I used these black and white ones for my son.
I used these pretty pastel colors for my girls.
The link on Pinterest made these printable labels available at no cost. I printed them and cut them out with cute scissors.
I loved these notebooks and pencils! I purchased very cute plastic treat bags with VD designs on them and packaged these with the quote: You're just WRITE for me Valentine!
I purchased enough materials for all four of my children (including the college students). I shipped the pre-packaged treats to my college students along with a very special card for each of them to open on VD. Every morning, I'd awake before the two small kids and place their treats on their dresser so that when they awakened, the treat was there every morning. I would text my eldest daughter every morning with what I was leaving out so that she could make sure she and her brother were enjoying the same treats that their younger siblings were enjoying. 

My kids really LOVED this idea. My son even tweeted his daily treat! I really enjoyed doing this for my sweeties! I may do it again next year!
How was your VD?