Talk That Talk, Walk That Walk

When making decisions, it seems so much easier to talk about it than be about it; especially when it comes to allowing our children to do "mature" things. At least for me it is!
At the start of this school year, hubby and I made a decision to change the girls' school. The school they attend now is wonderful and they like it a lot! It's much closer to our home than their previous schools; it's within walking distance. Walking distance... there it was: that scary thought (for me) of allowing the last two at home, to walk home from school. It's not like our eldest two didn't walk home from school, so why is it such a big deal now?

Times have changed a lot. Even when the two eldest walked, it was not by choice, it was because the work schedules of hubby and I were not consistent with their school hours. We had an older lady who would help us with them, making sure they got in the house safely and she kept an ear out until we got home. I have to be honest and say I begged and begged for them to get into the afterschool program at their school at the time; eventually they did, and I was able to pick them up myself after work.

Lately, our two youngest have been walking home more frequently. Especially on those days I work in Rialto. It's hard when I'm leaving a site at 2:30 68 miles away (which feels longer because of traffic) and my kids get out of school at 2:20; it's impossible to be in two places at one time. There are a lot of mornings I feel guilty too. Sometimes I'm out the door before they even wake up because traffic is not my friend; thankfully I have hubby who gets them up and out the door before 8 for school.

We had a talk with our girls and explained to them that they would be walking home some days; this was scary for me and hubs. We mapped out a route for them to get home, then we would drive and watch them to see if they knew where they were going (without them seeing us). It took a few times, but eventually, they got the hang of it.

Even though I talk to my girls about walking home and being safe, it's still hard to know that they're walking. I'd much rather be the type of mother who was home for my children; be there whenever they need me. It was difficult with the two eldest and it's still difficult now, but what's a mom to do when she has to work? I have to walk the talk, and bust my tail on days my schedule isn't so crazy to get to their school and be outside waiting for them when the bell rings.

*If only I could put them in school closer to my job like I did Preon and Prettie eventually* IMPOSSIBLE.

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