Lego and LEGGO!

The other day, my son and I were discussing his college and life plans. He's changed his major a couple times so he will not be graduating in June as we initially thought and planned. Initially, I wanted him to be finished in the "usual" four years but I eventually had to stop and think for a minute...
This is my firstborn child; my man-child. I watched him as a kid, go through so many phases and explore so many things. At one point in his toddler life, he loved birds; was fascinated by birds of all sorts. Was it the fact that birds are so free-spirited? I don't know... This was also a child who adored the 101 Dalmatian movie, was obsessed with Batman and Jurrasic Park, and his ultimate love was LEGOS!!! He enjoyed building things, tearing them down and building them all over again.

As I pondered our many conversations, and the most recent, I smiled. Why? Because this kid has never been an "average" kid so why would I expect him to complete college like an average kid? While many adventures and interests came and went in his life, he was always fascinated with change. Preon always wanted to do things differently, and on his schedule. His love for Legos carried over beyond his toddler years. He was always buiding intricate designs; only to tear them down and start all over with a totally different idea, each being splendid works of art!

Why don't we, as individuals, look at life like a box or crate of Legos? There is no one cookie-cutter way of seeing things through. Parenting, life, school, work, etc... there is always more than one way to get something done, and there are definitely various roads to travel to get there. Preon's spirit is such a free spirit that it is really no surprise he's taking his time and deciding what it is he wants to do. As I look back, I would have benefitted greatly by doing this. Legos allow chidren to understand the mechanics of fitting things together to create something unique. If it doesn't turn out right, you can take it apart and start all over. Isn't that how life should be? What if we could have do-overs like a box of Legos?

I have always taught my kids to go after their dreams; do things their way, go against the grain, don't be normal. God gives us all different visions, which is why we have such a variety of inventors and inventions. I remember reading a quote somewhere which said: "Don't expect people to understand your grind when God didn't give them YOUR vision". It's true, I didn't understand why Preon couldn't make up his mind about his future in an "average" amount of time; it wasn't for me to understand, it was for me to continue to be supportive of his grind.

I've raised, and am raising, well-rounded individuals who know what they want out of life. Sometimes, as mothers we want to hold on and still run things even after we've taught them to be independent. Preon is working, going to school, enjoying life, and making me proud. Maybe it''s time I just LEGGO and watch his greatness unveil in his due time. He's approaching life right now as a box of Legos... and what better time to tear things (ideas) down and start all over than when you're in college?! Besides, I'm grateful that his focus is on school and work at 22 years of age than on a baby. Afterall, you can't rebuild a kid. Once it's made, there's no do-overs!