I'm Watching, But They're Not!

When deciding to watch what you eat in terms of counting being more aware of calorie intake, it's a struggle. Why? That's a simple answer... I may be watching what I eat, but my kids are not. Seeing as how I've decided, on more than one occasion, to be more aware of my calorie intake, I've had to be mindful that my kids shouldn't suffer because of it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't allow my kids to just eat whatever they want, but I am a firm believer that kids are only kids once. While I prepare and encourage healthy foods, I also want them to enjoy and indulge in all things viewed by some as too sweet or fattening! Therefore, when I'm shopping and preparing meals, I keep in mind things that my 40+ body cannot handle anymore, does not mean my kids' bodies can't handle them. I still buy things they enjoy eating and we still frequent their favorite restaurants. I just choose things that are more healthy for me.

Hubby and I both are a bit more interested in being more aware of our calorie intake now, but that doesn't mean we're going to starve. After all, choosing to be healthy does not mean it happens in 90 days or less, it means we are aware that it took years to gain the extra pounds and it may take years to lose it. With consistency and dedication, a healthy lifestyle becomes just that... a lifestyle.

Eating the right foods, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and reducing stress are all positive steps toward a health lifestyle. I'm taking baby steps right now; I know me and I know what my pace should be in order to reach my personal goals. I don't want to feel as if I have to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time because once that "time" arrives, will I become "comfortable" once again? I'd rather pace myself and let it become a way of living as opposed to meeting a deadline.

What about you? Do you find it challenging to prepare foods and shop for your family when you're making a conscious effort to be aware of calories?