I'd Do it All Over, Again and Again...

Many of my blog posts are about my children. It's not hard to tell how much I love and adore my children; my children know just how important they are to me as well! There's not a day that goes by I don't say, I love you. Amidst all the chaos that is "LIFE", as parents, we still find time to remind them to be good to one another, respect themselves, respect others, make wise choices, be happy, pursue their goals and dreams, and always look to one another for comfort and love.

You hear me say We and Us in my posts regarding Our children...

The We, Us, and Our is Me and Him
Mr. Evans is his name! My wonderful husband of... Let's just say we met 17 years ago, dated for a couple years, then we made it official  February 20,1999.
We will (in 6 days), celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary and I'D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. You hear so many stories about people finding their soulmate and you think... REALLY? Well, it's hard to understand until you find your soulmate.
God put us together and there is no other way to put it. Ed really does share part of my soul; I am him, and he is me. He meets my needs and the needs of this family like its nothing to it, when I know a great deal goes into providing for me and our kids. His selfless and unconditional love are what have sustained me over the years. He is my confidant, my ride or die, my partner in crime, my ace, my lover, and my friend. 
While today is Valentine's Day, I'm sure you can understand that it's really not a huge deal around here. Some years, I've given him a hard time about roses being delivered to my job but it's just another day around here. I make it a big deal with the kids, but I look forward to my anniversary more than anything.

So... On this day, I want to tell Mr. Evans that I am so excited we're celebrating 15 years in 6 days and I'd honestly, do it all over again!!!!!!