Can You Teach a Teacher?

Hmmmm... What a question! Of course you can teach a teacher. Educators know that the field of teaching is ever evolving and growing. However, some educators are a bit hesitant to tackle the task of learning to incorporate technology in their teaching strategies.

We live in an era of STEM. Education is not viewed as it once was; times, methods, and strategies have, and are changing. Incorporating technology in classrooms has both challenges and rewards; we should want out children to be on the reward end.

Smart Board, iPad, Google Docs, Class Dojo, Edmodo, Millie's Math House, Cameras, Video recorders, Laptops, Social Media, etc...

Many classrooms across the nation are using technology as an additional teaching tool. While some educators have gladly jumped on board, there are a great deal who are very hesitant to join their "teacher-friends". Why is this?

In my experience of working with various different teachers, the top reason is lack of experience with computers. Shocked? Don't be. Technology can be a very scary thing if you are not at all technologically inclined. Second reason is, the lack of interest to learn anything new. You have teachers who have been teaching for some time and believe that their methods are just fine and are not interested in learning how to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

Whatever the reason, the students suffer when teachers are not willing to be taught or try something new. How can this be changed?  There needs to be discussion at a district- level as to whether or not teachers are required to incorporate technology in their classrooms. But in the meantime, we as parents can play a major role in this discussion as well. 
As a parent, do you inquire with the administration and staff whether or not technology is incorporated in the classrooms at the school of your child/ren? Do you make it a point to email the teacher? Do you visit your child's classroom and look for yourself to see if there is a presence of technology? Do you use Parent Conferences and Back-to-School night as opportunities to see what is occurring in the classroom? As a parent, are you using Edmodo, Google Docs, etc? Do you know what those names are?

As parents are we sending our children to school with knowledge of technology? As parents, are we aware of the world of technology? Do you have laptops, iPads, etc, in your home? If we are expecting teachers to be knowledgable in the area of technology, we also have to ensure that we are doing our part. It takes a village. Each one TEACH one.