Always and Forever

                ALWAYS AND FOREVER
That's the song we danced to on our wedding day 15 years ago. Last Thursday, we celebrated that day with a nice quiet, dinner for two. We spent the rest of the weekend doing what I'd call "reconnecting". 
As we researched things to do for celebrating 15 years of marriage, we noticed that the theme was doing things you "used" to do. For example, a restaurant you frequented in the early years, favorite places, etc., we did just that. Chose one of our favorite restaurants we hadn't visited in a while, and the same night we had dinner and a movie at  the AMC 6 ( more like appetizers and drinks). Over the course of the weekend, we did things with each other that allowed us to have down time and reconnect with one another. Reminiscing over the last 17 years of our relationship and being grateful to still have love, respect, trust, and honesty with one another after 15 years of marriage.
We went out with another married couple ( sister and brother in law) and enjoyed dinner, drinks, and conversation.
We ended the weekend with a spa day for two at Burke Williams, lunch, a nap, and dinner with our two youngest. The two eldest sent us a case if wine to enjoy.
Overall, our anniversary was so amazing. We chose that song to dance to at our reception because we said we'd be together Always and Forever... While forever is yet to come, we are well on our way there! 
I truly believe that God will put people in your life for a reason and a season. Only God himself knows how happy I am that he hand picked my soulmate and sent him to me to take care of me, love me, inspire me, support me, and treat me like a queen!
Here's to 15 years and a lifetime together!!!!