Vegas Bound

Being a Mom is not my title, it's my #LIFE. Raising productive, well-rounded individuals is something I take great pride in. There are times when being a Mom is difficult; teaching your children life lessons and teaching them how do identify when a situation is a life lesson is sometimes heart-breaking. My baby girl, Haley is one of THEE most dedicated CHEERLEADERS I know. I have watched her grow as my kid and I have watched her perfect her craft that she loves so much. I have also watched my baby lose all her hair and keep her spirit and tenacity. She never gave up, she will never give up. Why? Because she has the best support team EVER! So when my baby arrives in VEGAS on Thursday with her support team in tow, they'll know she's there. My baby is H.E.R.E. for a purpose, for a reason. I had to teach my kid a difficult life lesson this week... It's all good because once she hits that stage, she'll do what she does FIVE days a week- BRING IT! She wakes up a WINNER everyday. Period. #Vegas #Bound #Nationals #GlamourGirlz #Nickies #Kid #Winning