My Wandering Heart

There's a saying, "When you become a mother, your heart no longer belongs to you; it wanders wherever your children go". There's no truer statement!

 Leaving Tempe, AZ after visiting and spending Thanksgiving with our two eldest is still a bittersweet moment for me. The younger two always enjoy spending time with and seeing their siblings. As a mother, I enjoy seeing my children with each other and with their Dad. Family is so important to me... It's where you learn the true meaning of love and sacrifice, right from wrong, as well as your foundation in morals and beliefs.

Regardless to whether or not we have a "traditional" Thanksgiving by standards of the world we live in, it is always a tradition for me to be with all my children and my husband on special occasions. While there are often times we can't be together, I soak up the times we are. My Thanksgiving was lovely and I hope yours was as well.