What?... Did... You... Just... Ask... Me... That?

Do you get angry when you're asked questions? Do you feel like looking that person straight in the eye and asking, "What did you say?! Did you just ask me that?!"
I have to admit that some questions can seem as if people are prying or being nosey, but in all honesty, there really isn't a stupid question. Honestly... There isn't a question out there that should not be asked. Now, the timing may be off sometimes, or it may not genuinely be any of your business, but you have a right to know and ask.
I recently had an experience where I really needed know why a decision was being made so I questioned it. The vibe  I got from the person was like, "why are you asking me?" Of course, me being me, I didn't care. You want me to spend my money, and give you my time and I can't ask you anything? I don't think so!
Sometimes, I find that my questions may present a challenge to some as they tend to make an individual think. My sole purpose in asking questions is for clarification, and sometimes motivate critical thinking.
In life, we deal with various types of people and we have to accept them for who they are. We have to understand that we cannot change people, but we can change how they deal with us. 
Asking clarifying questions and asking one to think a bit harder before just presenting something is not too much to ask ( pun intended) lol.
Is there a question that just irritates you? Have you found yourself asking clarifying questions but being met with resistance?
I'd like to hear from you.

Until we chat again!