Tis' the Season

It's that time of the year... COLD SEASON is upon us; I don't mean the weather, I mean little runny noses, coughing, sneezing, allergies, and sometimes regurgitation. While I don't have "small" children at home anymore, my baby is 9 and she still comes home with occasional cooties!

When she's sick, I have a number of remedies I use on her just as I use when my "bigger" babies get sick.
For fevers, I swear by Kirkland Children's Pain Relief
For Allergies, I swear by Kirkland's Aller-Tec for Children
Both come in great flavors and I don't have to fight with Haley to take them. I also buying at Costco because I get more bang for my buck, so to speak! Both packages come with two bottles inside for about the price of one bottle at most stores. I love saving money!
Being a mom of four, I have learned many "remedies" over the years that work. Some are from the advice of doctors, others from my mom, or grandmother, and some from other parents. However, as a parent, you usually know your child/ren and you know when they need to go to the doctor.
If you are unsure of what medicine your child may need, consult your doctor before giving any medication.

Make sure you head on over to Costco and stock up on medicine for the entire family! They have something for everyone and everything! www.costco.com 
Until we chat again!