A Different Cloth

Work has definitely been keeping me busy. I meet all sorts of people on a daily basis and I interact with various different personalities on a daily basis. Whether it's for business purposes, personal purposes, or leisure activities, I always try to remind myself that people come to you cut from a Different Cloth. People bring with them their baggage, so to speak. I have learned to not take personal, words that are spewed , their attitude, or their outlook on life. It's not about me. It's not personal. It's just who they are. 
I mean, think about it, if I spend too much time dwelling on what the next person says or thinks, I'm not giving myself the attention I need. Besides, you never know how horrible that persons day or life is going; your interaction could be the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.
I become frustrated when people do not handle business in a professional manner, I speak on it and then I move on. What does that help? Who does that help? I can complain all day, or I can choose to not do business with them again, or... I can have empathy and understanding that they are cut from a Different Cloth and that is what they know to be the " norm". 
I always remember these words: " When people know better, they do better." My job as an educator has always been to educate; it's second nature. I don't think I'll ever stop educating, but at a certain point, you "can't teach an old dog new tricks"!
Until we chat again.