A Different Cloth

Work has definitely been keeping me busy. I meet all sorts of people on a daily basis and I interact with various different personalities on a daily basis. Whether it's for business purposes, personal purposes, or leisure activities, I always try to remind myself that people come to you cut from a Different Cloth. People bring with them their baggage, so to speak. I have learned to not take personal, words that are spewed , their attitude, or their outlook on life. It's not about me. It's not personal. It's just who they are. 
I mean, think about it, if I spend too much time dwelling on what the next person says or thinks, I'm not giving myself the attention I need. Besides, you never know how horrible that persons day or life is going; your interaction could be the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak.
I become frustrated when people do not handle business in a professional manner, I speak on it and then I move on. What does that help? Who does that help? I can complain all day, or I can choose to not do business with them again, or... I can have empathy and understanding that they are cut from a Different Cloth and that is what they know to be the " norm". 
I always remember these words: " When people know better, they do better." My job as an educator has always been to educate; it's second nature. I don't think I'll ever stop educating, but at a certain point, you "can't teach an old dog new tricks"!
Until we chat again.

The Skin I'm In...

As an educator, I have taught many "little people" about self-esteem over the years. Self-esteem is a key part of acceptance of self and others.
Lately, I have been so very busy with work that I haven't had an opportunity to blog about anything. It's a good kind of busy, it's work busy! LOL. I have noticed that I don't have time to do things I once  did when I didn't have a job but I am finding ways to squeeze things in.
My "thing" right now is trying to eat more healthy. I have decided to try Herbalife because there is so much hoopla about it. However, I don't think I'm getting the true Herbalife experience because I don't feel this overwhelming urge to be fit or healthy like I thought I would. It may be because my schedule is so busy and my priorities often take precedence over things like working out.
Don't get me wrong, I think exercise is important, but I also am a firm believer that being a Mommy and being there for my kids when they need me is more important. So after a long day at work, I just want to see my babies and see how their day went and help them with homework. I miss a great deal of time with them due to work, so any opportunity to be near them, whether it's at Cheer practice or Basketball practice, I'm taking advantage of that time.
I only get one chance to be a Mom, but I get many chances to try a different "thing" when I want! Besides, I'm comfortable in The Skin I'm In. There's always room for improvement in every aspect of my life, but self-esteem is something I do not lack. I love me just the way I am, curves and all! I would love to lose a couple curves in this belly, but I love being a Mommy more!
It's a struggle to find balance in my daily life, but when the time is right, it will come to me and I will have the perfect answer. But for now, there is no amount of weight that compares to my joy of being there for my children when it counts.
Do you love the skin you're in?

Until we chat again...