The Madness of it All

I am really enjoying my new job! I'm enjoying it so much that I have neglected to post here on my blog for several weeks. I'm not proud of this, but I am admitting that I am human. Returning to the working world after several months of not working has proved to be a bit challenging.
One thing I learned from my recent journey in life is that's am not a super woman! Finding the proper balance in the midst of the madness of it all... Family, kids, husband, work, personal time with friends, cheer, basketball, and more work...can be very challenging. Currently, I am trying to find that balance that I once mastered without even blinking.
Personally, I am my worst critic and I am finding myself feeling overwhelmed and feeling like I'm not being a great mom. Even though my logical side of the brain is telling me my thoughts are far from the truth, the dramatic side of the brain wants me to stress out. Nope! I'm not giving in to that side of the brain. Stress is no longer welcomed to occupy space in my head or body.
Therefore, I'm going back to the basics and will begin to create my To Do lists as I've done countless times in the past. Sometimes we forget that keeping things simple and routine are the very foundations which keep us grounded. Making time for the important things by listing them first on my lists will guarantee I find the balance I am seeking.
I am determined to get back to being that organized woman I once was. With time and patience and prayer...all things are possible!
Until we chat again...