Day Three: 30 Things

Describe Your Relationship With Your Partner:

Met: January 1997
Married: February 20, 1999

Astrological Signs:
Mr. Evans: Cancer
Mrs. Evans: Cancer

My relationship with Mr. Evans is AMAZING!
It's also:
Astounding, extraordinary, breathtaking, wonderful spectacular, stupendous, impressive, striking, stunning, wonderful, and WONDROUS!!!!!

This blog post could go on and on about how great my husband is. Perfect? Not at all, but he is such a wonderful, dedicated, and loving Husband and Father to his family. He puts our needs before his own and he makes many sacrifices for us. There are women who long to have a best friend who loves them unconditionally, someone to spend the rest of their lives with under God's blessings with a life partner, someone to come home to everyday and share your joys, pains, ups, and downs with. Someone to laugh with you, and console you when you cry. Someone who makes you smile before you go to sleep, and who you look for in your sleep for comfort and protection. I have all that and more in Mr. Evans.

We work hard at our marriage to make it work and our relationship is proof that hard work pays off. He's not a partner who is only here in good times, he has helped me and continues to help me through one of the most trying times in my life (the past 9 months) without judgment. He's rare, but he's MINE and I love him with every beat of my heart.
It is definitely not all work and no play. That's what keeps us alive...we know how to have a great time in the company of one another. May God continue to bless this union. He's my SOULMATE.