When the Going Gets Tough...

Its tough out here! Where is here? California, life, job hunting, educating oneself... its tough period. Nevertheless, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! As you all know, I am a former Preschool teacher of 16 years. Due to the fact that I resigned back in February, I have been in search of a major career change; this has been a difficult task to say the least.

I have a wealth of experience in Early Education, teaching, training, facilitating, and mentoring but... I CAN'T FIND A JOB!!!! (that was my rant for the day!) Seriously, it has been difficult. One of the major obstacles I have encountered is having a Masters degree. Odd? Yes, very odd. I have interviewed for jobs that pay considerably less than what I made as a teacher; when they find out my previous salary, they quickly mention how much less I will be making and...the call of doom arrives or I never hear anything back.

My current dilemma is taking the advice of some to "dummy down" my resume. This is something I am not interested in doing. I received my degrees with hard work, dedication, sacrifice of time with my family, countless hours of research and studying, and no social life. I take pride in my accomplishments and saying I only possess a BS when I possess a MS is unthinkable to me.

Then there's the fact that I lack the actual "experience" a new job may be looking for; they've never met me or worked with with me. Although I could perform many of the jobs I'm applying for with my eyes shut, I have no way of proving that to my new "Boss". The thought of returning to school to attain "another" degree is unsettling for me. We have two children in college and that is very expensive; we have our own student loans plus parent loans. To return to school would just put us more in debt.

Nevertheless...I have to keep GOING! There is a position with my name on it out there. I'm not very religious but God and I have a great relationship. He's always there when I need him and I talk to HIM often; he gives great advice like, "be patient my child", "I have something in mind for you my child". While I'm being patient, I continue to search in faith that one day, my job that's out there waiting on me, will recognize the jewel I am and scoop me up!