Traveling Assistant

Lately, I've been accompanying the Hubster on his local business trips. It allows us to bond on the drives; we talk, laugh, and reminence. He calls me his assistant and I love my new title! Due to the fact that I'm currently not working, it gets me out of the house, takes my mind off my issues, and is stress free... just what the doctor ordered.

My husband is an IT Manager for a great company. This company works closely with various Casinos all over. Today, we are in Bakersfield at a Casino called Golden West Casino. Its small, friendly, and very clean. I've had the opportunity to visit a few others like Lucky Lady and Oceans Eleven. Lucky Lady is very small; it's actually like a small parlor. Oceans Eleven is really nice! It reminds me a bit of Vegas. Those two Casinos are in the San Diego and Oceanside area.

While hubby is working, he may ask me to do a couple things but I usually just sit in the bar area, order appetizers, cranberry and orange juice mixed, and play Candy Crush or read. It also gives me an opportunity to speak with the bartenders and learn a little history about each Casino.

Sometimes we think we know where we're supposed to be in life, but God knows otherwise. He wants me exactly where he wants me and right now its with my family, with my husband as his Traveling Assistant. When this job has run its course, and HE is ready for me to move on, HE will let me know. Until then, I'm so content.