Hurry Up! and WAIT!

I LOVE my Beetle!
Volkswagens are pretty good cars overall, however, when they have an issue you will know about it! Those lights on the panel come on and they don't go off until you give your baby the TLC he or she needs. My baby's (Beetle) name is QT. My youngest daughter chose that name because she said I always have cute "stuff" everywhere in my car. I thought the name was very fitting so there you have it....
This morning I'm sitting at Carmax in Torrance waiting to hear the verdict. The staff here are amazing! I've really only had one MAJOR issue with them over the has since been corrected. My favorite employees here are Roger and Kristin; they take excellent care of QT which is very important to me. QT is responsible for getting me and my Precious Cargo (my maternal babies) where we need to be... we have MANY places to be!
Hopefully QT isn't too sick and she come home today. Nevertheless, I woke up, hurried to get here by 8am to wait! No worries... I'm prepared with my backpack full of electronics (Kindle, iPod, Video Camera, Cell, and mints), my feet are up, and I have every bit of confidence Carmax will take excellent care of my BIG BABY!