Everywhere I Turn... Strawberries!

This past weekend, I packed up my three daughters and myself and we headed to my Sister in Laws' house to meet up with her, her husband, mother in law, two daughters, and our cousin. We caravanned to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, CA. I'd never been, but I'd always heard great things about it. We had a pretty good time.

It was very organized. We parked at the Camarillo Outlets  and there were many shuttle buses to take us over to the Festival. The prices are a bit steep on some of the food items: Haley wanted a Hot Dog ($6.00) and a Bottle of Dasani Water ($4.00)... &10.00 for a hot dog and water! But...we had to eat, right? Chicken Strips for Jaedyn without water ($9.00); I think she had four of them.

There was Strawberry everything there! Strawberry Pizza (didn't try that), Strawberry Smoothies, Strawberry wine and beer, Strawberry Shortcake (It was delicious!!!), Strawberry Funnel Cake (Yummy). I also purchased three bags of California Wine Slush (Strawberry Margarita Flavor, Mimosa Flavor, and Lemon Drop Flavor). I'll let you know later how those turned out!

Overall, the trip was really fun just because we spent the time with Family. Next year I think we'll go extra early so we can experience all that the festival has to offer. If you get a chance, visit the Festival next year and be sure to bring lots of Cash! Credit and debit are only accepted at the ticket booth, once you enter the gates, it's cash only!
Of course Aria(my niece) and Haley had to bring their American Girl Dolls (Saige and Arianna)!!!
We LOVE American Girl!!!