Yeah...It's a Big DEAL Around Here!

If you follow my FB Page you know that my Son and his girlfriend left this morning for school ASU and U of A; we are taking our oldest girl back next week. I have become accustomed to my two older ones leaving me and I don't cry anymore LOL. Even though the two older ones leaving is a big deal around here, we have another BIG deal going on...JJ, our 12 year old is starting 7th grade this year and it is a BIG DEAL for her so it is a BIG DEAL for us as well. Because she attends a school which require uniforms, the fuss is all out the shoes and other accessories. She had a list of shoes she absolutely could not live without for this school year to start. Hubby and I purchased a pair and her loving big sister purchased another pair for her plus two more pair "Just because" they were on sale. Now, this girl is 12 and wears a size 10 shoe so her shoes are not cheap at all! But she's a good kid, makes good grades, and is a stellar athlete so we don't mind treating her to what she wants. There are a couple other shoes on her list but she needs something to work toward right? Not getting her everything she wants when she wants it is motivation!
Now...the mini Diva of the house, Miss Haley specifically wanted high tops so we purchased the Skechers Twinkle Toes for her (the ones that reach her calves); she also has a couple pair of "regular" shoes as she likes to say! Her big brother and sister also purchased 3 pair of Skinny jeans for her from Old Navy (2 were regular skinny and one was Super Skinny and a bunch of graphic tees; Haley's ideal wardrobe!
Haley is starting 3rd grade this year and that's a BIG DEAL as well. 3rd grade is one of the most difficult years in school but we are up for the challenge! Haley wants her hair flat-ironed with twists in the front. I think I can handle that :-) JJ opted for individuals to start the school year with so she was braided yesterday at the shop.
I'm looking forward to a productive year for all my children this year. We have some extra things in the works which I will share with you later.

I know your time and valuable and precious, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...