Photo Shoot...CHECK!

A while back I wrote a post about having a bucket list and wanting to do things I have put off for one reason or another. Well, a couple months back I checked an item off my bucket list: Having a personal photo shoot for myself. My fellow BLMGirl Tiffany of PoseNPlay Photography was the mastermind behind the camera. I want to share a few  lot of the shots here with you. I was very excited to do this shoot. I wanted to feel sexy and do something I've never done before. Mission accomplished!
Hubby said: "Who walks down an alley in their bra?" I said, "That was the goal of the shoot, to do something I'd never do!" I love my shots and hubby said, "You look gorgeous in every shot!"
I embrace every curve that makes up my wonderful body. I REALLY enjoyed this shoot; I felt like a model for a couple hours. Tiffany did my makeup and she captured my true beauty both inside and out through her lens.