In A Word...CHAOS

My life is nothing short of hectic on a daily basis. To add more to it would spell out CHAOS! Well, me being me, I did just that! I added remodeling our apartment to my already busy list. Now mind you, I'm by no means doing any of it myself; I'm sort of requesting and getting what has been long overdue. However, getting an entire three bedroom apartment painted and having new carpet installed while living in it is... hmm... CHAOTIC! LOL.
So far, I am very pleased with the color choices in each room which I carefully selected. The great part in all of this, I'd have to say is the fact that I am forced to deep clean my apartment. It was never "dirty" but I had a chance to see things I found "spaces" for over the five years we have occupied this space.
Mind you, when we initially moved in, I told hubby this place was just our temporary space because I knew I'd be finish with school soon and we would have a home. HA! No such luck. I did finish school and hubby even went back and he just found an amazing job with a huge pay raise and I'm still sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting to put my "Degrees" (plural) to use.
Nevertheless, with things being the way they are, we will continue to fund the college students and support the extra curricular activities of the children and try to enjoy life as it is. I have decided to make this our home. It has always been that, but I never quite put my touch in every single room 100%.
I am anxious to decorate once the carpet is installed this weekend; I have lots of great ideas for each room.
I am also anxious to get back to blogging and interacting with my BLM Girls. For now, it's decorating, Cheer, Basketball, and everything in between! Until we chat again...