Thrifting and Elvis... The Nashville Way!

While in TN recently with my daughter, her team, and other Basketball Mommies, I learned that one of the parents is a Thrifter. Who knew?! That was one of my highlights of the trip: getting to know the parents a little bit better since we are fairly new to this team. Anywho, on Friday, the girls did not have a game so their Coach took them to watch the Championship Game, visit a college, and sightseeing. Meanwhile, I headed to Downtown Nashville with Tiffany and Nellie for some souvenirs, lunch and thrift shopping. Seeing as how I am a "Virgin Thrifter" I have to admit that I was very overwhelmed by the choices and the overall appearance of the stores. In particular, the Goodwill Outlet which "weighs" your items according to categories.
Nevertheless, I did find some cool stuff and now I'm inspired to thrift here at home; I had to get my feet wet! This is what I found:
 I picked these up at the Goodwill Outlet. About 4.00 for all 5
Only the grey bag is name brand (9 west)
 I can't remember the name of this Thrift Store in Nashville but I do remember they had a 50% sale and 50% off with a college ID. I pulled out my ID from UOP I paid 9.00 for these 5 pieces. There are a pair of 7 jeans there for my 12 year old, Lucky brand jeans for the 8 year old, red jeans for the 8 yr old, a blazer for my 19 yr old and a denim purse for the 12 yr old
 I sang with Elvis!!! LOL
 We stopped here for lunch. Guy ate here and so did we! The Lamb Burger was the Business!!!
 I found this cute teacher mug for 1.49 and this purse for my 19 yr old for 3.99 (Goodwill Store)
Everything here had a Blue Tag (50% off) Silk blouse for 12 yr old 2.49 Waffle Maker 5.99 Jeans for 8 yr old 3.99 sweats (tag still on them) 1.99 Basketball shorts and top for 12 yr old 1.99 each. I paid half of every price listed here. (Goodwill Store)

It was pretty overwhelming, but in a good way. I'm anxious to visit a few stores here, locally to see what I can find. I think I did pretty good my first time out!