Tennessee Baller!!!

I haven't written a post in about a week because I have been so consumed with work and getting to TN with my 12 year old daughter Jaedyn (JJ). We've been here in Brentwood, TN since Saturday; the facility where they play everyday is in Franklin, TN. I came here with many emotions and expectations and I'm sure I'll be leaving with plenty of the same feelings. Jaedyn is (in my opinion) a really good baller; there are still lessons she is learning about the court (on and off) but she can be a beast on the court. She's a part of a team of really good ballers as well; together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Back home, we have played and "served" High School girls and we are a team that is accustomed to winning not losing. All that changed when we arrived in TN! We are playing in the AAU Nationals in Franklin, TN at the A Game Sportsplex This facility alone lets you know how serious about sports they are down here. Our Lady Rebels have not won one game since we stepped on the floor. They have played their buts off with all their hearts, but we've lost to every team we've played; not by being blown out, but by 4 points, 7 points, and lastly, 13 points. We have even held the lead through the first quarter, but somewhere lost it.
As parents, we have discussed how difficult it is to watch our young ladies lose, but how we are grateful for this entire experience. Our girls are learning more about themselves, teamwork, dedication, discipline, and basketball. I know that as a parent, I am definitely learning a great deal. Jaedyn is one of my four babies so of course I feel like she's the best thing since sliced bread; every parent feels that way  about their children. However, there is always a moment in time when you have an eye-opening experience that brings you back "to earth" and out of the clouds. Ballin' in TN has been that for me. Nevertheless, the fact that JJ and her team are giving it their all, we're proud of them for their effort and dedication to not stop, to keep playing hard. We play today at 2:40pm (which could be our last game) and us parents will be right there cheering them on. Let's go lady Rebels!!!!!!