Are you Over Sleepovers?

A while back I mentioned sleepovers in a post where I briefly mentioned my opinion on sleepovers. Recently, I found myself having this discussion with another mom. This seems to be a big deal lately. Not because they're fun, but because a lot of moms seem to be fearful of the dangers of sleepovers. Not younger children but children who are teens or "tweens" as they are known between the ages of 11-12. This particular mom I was speaking with shared her fears about strangers being in the house, lack of supervision, peer pressure, bad association, drinking, sex, drugs, etc. As we sat and talked, it made me feel more confident about my decision to limit sleepovers with my own children. As I mentioned in a previous post, sleepovers are usually with VERY close friends or family.
What about you as mothers? How do you feel about sleepovers?