Swimming Lessons...

We've been watching the Olympics together at the Evans household and JJ loves swimming, basketball, and Volleyball. Haley loves Gymnastics and Volleyball. Hubby and I love watching it all! Last summer, I took my girls for swimming lessons; I cannot swim to this day and my teens practically learned on their own with the help of friends. I've always been a working mom working right through the summer so lessons were few and far in between.
Today, while watching Water Polo in the Olympics, JJ the 12 year old became more curious about other swimming activities so she took the internet after we researched information for her summer reading lists. She found this video on YOUTUBE and it is amazing! You must watch it.

Are you Over Sleepovers?

A while back I mentioned sleepovers in a post where I briefly mentioned my opinion on sleepovers. Recently, I found myself having this discussion with another mom. This seems to be a big deal lately. Not because they're fun, but because a lot of moms seem to be fearful of the dangers of sleepovers. Not younger children but children who are teens or "tweens" as they are known between the ages of 11-12. This particular mom I was speaking with shared her fears about strangers being in the house, lack of supervision, peer pressure, bad association, drinking, sex, drugs, etc. As we sat and talked, it made me feel more confident about my decision to limit sleepovers with my own children. As I mentioned in a previous post, sleepovers are usually with VERY close friends or family.
What about you as mothers? How do you feel about sleepovers?

Christmas in July...

Today, I volunteered (second year) at an All White Party benefitting Khocolate Keepsakes Children's Literacy Museum. This is such a wonderful event and it benefits children; I am glad that they asked me back to volunteer again. It was my first All White Party of the year. "Miss Carliss" as I affectionately call her is responsible for this event. Carliss is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inglewood Chapter and I admire her for her work. Although I'm volunteering the entire event, I get to see familiar faces sometimes and I love doing something positive for children. Looking forward to volunteering again next year!

 Shoes: Urbanog
Purse: LV Shades: Coach Earrings: RockFabulousFinds
My latest style in my journey to natural hair is Kinky Twists

Basketball Camp...

Jaedyn completed Basketball Camp today. The camp was somewhat costly, but after our experience In Tennessee, I knew that we were in a totally different zone than other kids her age Nationally. Jaedyn truly loves Basketball and she expressed to me her desire to get better as an individual player. With that being said, Daddy and I discussed it and off to a four-day camp she went with advantage basketball
This camp was amazing! Jaedyn learned so much and she was excited to go everyday! If you know JJ, you know this was a big deal, lol.
I'm glad we made the sacrifice and sent her. As parents, it is our job to foster and support what our children love and are interested in. I'm not a perfect parent, but I sure do my best and at the end of the day, that's what counts!

I'm in a Toxic Relationship

An unhealthy relationship is never a good thing. I have been stuck in an unhealthy relationship for some time now. I act as though everything is fine when it really isn't. We go on these emotional roller coasters. I need it in my life yet it's not always good for me. It makes me feel not sure of myself at times. Sometimes I can disguise the pain it leaves behind but when I look in the mirror, there it is staring me right back in the face... a woman who needs to get out of this TOXIC RELATIONSHIP with...
I love food! I always want it around me, I enjoy trying new food and eating at new restaurants. However, there is no game plan with me and food. I see it, I indulge in it. Period.
This needs to change but I have no clue where to start. I've tried pills, diets, exercise, cutting back, etc. but I end up going back to the toxic part of our relationship.
I'm making changes in my life in several areas and I need to find a way to make my relationship with food, HEALTHY. Any ideas?

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Purple Leopard Birthday Bliss!

I love the color Purple and the print of leopard. Maybe love is a strong word to use, but I do own a nice amount of Purple and Leopard!
It seemed that upon my return from TN, I hit the ground running and I haven't stopped yet. I sat in a parent meeting last night (regarding Basketball and the upcoming season) until past 10pm! Nevertheless, in all my usual haste, I managed to enjoy my birthday (July 12th) and the Hubs birthday (July 14th). I know...it was fate that brought us together!
This post is a little picture heavy as most of my posts are! I absolutely love the camera as it catches great memories. I hope you enjoy. Just for the record, I have some of the most amazing people in my life! From my wonderful husband, to my amazing kids, to my circles of friends near and far, and my amazing Sistahs in my Blogger group BLM I am truly blessed and I'm still celebrating my birthday...Jazz Fest West this weekend!
Thursday, July 12th Hubby and I went to dinner at the Boiling Crab.
Delicious. Period. #ThatIsAll
 Since I had to work on my birthday, I asked my co-worker to snap a few shots! We hd a lil fun while the kids were outdoors...
 Let me just say I love this hat! #BestInvestment
 *Clears Throat* Check out my watch!
I picked up this blouse at Thick-Chic-Boutique
From my co-workers
My gift from hubby and our two (working) college student children. I was all smiles. One less item on my Wish List!
I wanted to do something spontaneous on my birthday...
My 19 year old and I opted for matching tattoos (Infinity Hearts because our love is never ending)
Friday, the 13th, I celebrated with a few of my close friends (very small)
We had chinese food, wine and spirits, cards, and an amazing time in each other's company. Cake and cupcakes made by Sanica of PoohysPlace 
My friend Desia did my makeup Friday evening. Earrings  mimiboutique
Saturday, the 14th, I took my "Boyfriend" out for lunch after our parental duties (7th Grade Orientation and Cheer Dues at the Park)
The Cheesecake Factory in the Marina offered an amazing view as we enjoyed lunch and one another's company.

That afternoon we enjoyed more friends and dominoes. We ended the night playing Poker (Hubby's game of choice) at Commerce Casino. What a HUGE Poker Room they have!!!

There's more... but that's all I'm sharing! We had an amazing Weekend!!!!!!!

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Thrifting and Elvis... The Nashville Way!

While in TN recently with my daughter, her team, and other Basketball Mommies, I learned that one of the parents is a Thrifter. Who knew?! That was one of my highlights of the trip: getting to know the parents a little bit better since we are fairly new to this team. Anywho, on Friday, the girls did not have a game so their Coach took them to watch the Championship Game, visit a college, and sightseeing. Meanwhile, I headed to Downtown Nashville with Tiffany and Nellie for some souvenirs, lunch and thrift shopping. Seeing as how I am a "Virgin Thrifter" I have to admit that I was very overwhelmed by the choices and the overall appearance of the stores. In particular, the Goodwill Outlet which "weighs" your items according to categories.
Nevertheless, I did find some cool stuff and now I'm inspired to thrift here at home; I had to get my feet wet! This is what I found:
 I picked these up at the Goodwill Outlet. About 4.00 for all 5
Only the grey bag is name brand (9 west)
 I can't remember the name of this Thrift Store in Nashville but I do remember they had a 50% sale and 50% off with a college ID. I pulled out my ID from UOP I paid 9.00 for these 5 pieces. There are a pair of 7 jeans there for my 12 year old, Lucky brand jeans for the 8 year old, red jeans for the 8 yr old, a blazer for my 19 yr old and a denim purse for the 12 yr old
 I sang with Elvis!!! LOL
 We stopped here for lunch. Guy ate here and so did we! The Lamb Burger was the Business!!!
 I found this cute teacher mug for 1.49 and this purse for my 19 yr old for 3.99 (Goodwill Store)
Everything here had a Blue Tag (50% off) Silk blouse for 12 yr old 2.49 Waffle Maker 5.99 Jeans for 8 yr old 3.99 sweats (tag still on them) 1.99 Basketball shorts and top for 12 yr old 1.99 each. I paid half of every price listed here. (Goodwill Store)

It was pretty overwhelming, but in a good way. I'm anxious to visit a few stores here, locally to see what I can find. I think I did pretty good my first time out!

The Mom of the Baller...

Coming to TN for Basketball, I knew I wanted to "still" look cute but not too cute for Basketball. My wonderful friends of Bloggers Like Me came to the rescue. BLM is a group on FB for Bloggers of any and everything, however, these ladies really know fashion and I've learned so much more about fashion than I could have ever imagined. With their suggestions, I've pulled off looking HAWT in HOT Tennessee!!!
Here are a few of my looks...
 Custom made Earrings by Rock Fabulous Finds
Outfit inspired by the suggestions of my friends at BLM
 I LOVE these shoes! I wore them for about 7 hours before I needed to change
 I had a shirt made for Game #1 JJ's team name is Lady Rebels
 What's more fierce than a #33 Rebel? Her MOM- The Renegade!!!
I wore black and red accessories with with black sparkly TOMS
 I love this sundress from Target I wore peach sandals and peach and gold accessories
For the 4th of July games, I wore this RED, WHITE, and BLUE dress from AVON
I wore red and gold accessories with white sandals

Tennessee Baller!!!

I haven't written a post in about a week because I have been so consumed with work and getting to TN with my 12 year old daughter Jaedyn (JJ). We've been here in Brentwood, TN since Saturday; the facility where they play everyday is in Franklin, TN. I came here with many emotions and expectations and I'm sure I'll be leaving with plenty of the same feelings. Jaedyn is (in my opinion) a really good baller; there are still lessons she is learning about the court (on and off) but she can be a beast on the court. She's a part of a team of really good ballers as well; together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Back home, we have played and "served" High School girls and we are a team that is accustomed to winning not losing. All that changed when we arrived in TN! We are playing in the AAU Nationals in Franklin, TN at the A Game Sportsplex This facility alone lets you know how serious about sports they are down here. Our Lady Rebels have not won one game since we stepped on the floor. They have played their buts off with all their hearts, but we've lost to every team we've played; not by being blown out, but by 4 points, 7 points, and lastly, 13 points. We have even held the lead through the first quarter, but somewhere lost it.
As parents, we have discussed how difficult it is to watch our young ladies lose, but how we are grateful for this entire experience. Our girls are learning more about themselves, teamwork, dedication, discipline, and basketball. I know that as a parent, I am definitely learning a great deal. Jaedyn is one of my four babies so of course I feel like she's the best thing since sliced bread; every parent feels that way  about their children. However, there is always a moment in time when you have an eye-opening experience that brings you back "to earth" and out of the clouds. Ballin' in TN has been that for me. Nevertheless, the fact that JJ and her team are giving it their all, we're proud of them for their effort and dedication to not stop, to keep playing hard. We play today at 2:40pm (which could be our last game) and us parents will be right there cheering them on. Let's go lady Rebels!!!!!!