I'm a Fashionista! (In My Head)

I love dressing up sometimes and putting on make-up. Even if I have on a pair of jeans and tee, I'm content if I look cute! My friend Leslie of FashionduJour gives me inspiration and so does my friend Tiffany of LacenLeopard. With that being said, today's post is inspired by my lovely ladies of BLM They give me such a wealth of knowledge on Fashion and I'm slowly stepping into the fashion world.
In my opinion, it's important for a MOMMY to feel and look good about herself. I mean, if you (we) don't take care of your/ourselves, how can we take care of our families?

Check out my cute outfit I wore to my Nephew's Culmination today...
I LOVE my Betsy Johnson Watch!

I love my Harvey Bag It's my "Go-To" Bag
I found these cute earrings at Burlington for 4.99
I decided to layer a couple of my Lia Sophia Necklaces
Trying a cute pose
I love these wedges. I found them on clearance at Target for 14.99
Bangle and ring from Ashley Stewart 
(Note to self: change hand position next time so it doesn't look wrinkled LOL)

What do you think? Dis I pull off a cute look?