And Then There Were... 7!

As a mom, I have had to make one adjustment in my life in the last couple of years. I had my two eldest children leave for college one right behind the other. The dynamics of the home changed a great deal. I was always accustomed to the arguments, the footsteps, the laughter, and the ups and downs of four children. That changed when Preon and Prettie left for college leaving Jaedyn and Haley as the last two standing! LOL. Nevertheless, hubby and I are adjusting.
The two older kids are home for the summer so the home is more alive and busier, just the way I LOVE it! Lots of great things happened for the two older kids while they were away at school. Preon finished with a 3.0 and Prettie finished with a 3.7. I could complain about the GPAs, but I won't! Also, Preon recently began dating a young lady; no, I mean REALLY dating. It's serious. I've never ten one hang around this long before! Which brings me to... now there are 7 of us! When you see HIM, you see HER. I honestly think its the mot adorable thing to see my son really fall head over heels for a young lady. She's a great gal; really has her head on straight and she's easy on the eyes as well. I knew this day would come: My son loves another woman more than he loves his mother and I'm okay with that. As long as my son is happy and healthy, I'm happy!
Prettie and I affectionately tease him about never wanting her to leave his side, but we think they're adorable. Jaedyn likes her as well, which is a BIG deal! Jaedyn doesn't like "everybody". Haley adores her; she's a bit more easy going than JJ (Jaedyn) Prettie says for now, her heart still belongs to her Daddy. She' in no rush to date; she's 19. I swear God hand picked my kids for me. I think they're the best things since sliced bread! They are why I breathe.
I know your time is precious and valuable and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...