What Do You Give a Mom Who Has Everything?

I am very blessed to have everything I need in life. I may not have everything I WANT, but I definitely have everything I NEED. Mother's Day means something different for every mother. For me...
It's not about the Brunches... I have those monthly! It's not about the chocolates...I eat those all the time! It's not about the Bling... I have lots of that!
 Mother's Day is about relaxing and having things my way for a day. I am usually the one catering to their needs, but on Mother's Day, they cater to me!
I am blessed that my mother is still alive and in good health; some don't have that. I spent yesterday with my mother having dinner and reminding her how blessed I am to still have her. I am blessed that I have four wonderful children and a wonderful husband who love and appreciate me; some don't have that. As I reflect on this past year, I am grateful that I am always appreciated. My two older children sent me chocolate covered strawberries "just because", from Arizona. My hubby purchased more for me for Valentine's Day (the little ones ate most of the ones from Arizona!), my son gives me fresh flowers weekly when he's home from school. I enjoy Brunch monthly with a great group of diverse women, and I am blessed to have friends and family I can spend time with. I have everything I need, so today, I enjoyed myself a great deal just relaxing and being catered to.
I spent the morning doing what I rarely get a chance to do: sleep! My eldest daughter fixed breakfast in bed for me; I woke up, sent a few texts, made some phone calls and went back to sleep. After eating my wonderful breakfast, I went back to sleep again! The children and hubby gave me my cards, gifts, and flowers.
Hubby and I later went to a late lunch at one of our favorite places. My day was absolutely wonderful and full of so much love. So...what do you give a Mom who has everything? Exactly what she needs....More LOVE!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mother's out there. I hope everyone's day was truly full of LOVE.