They're Baaaaaack!!!!!

So... the College Kids are home! My two eldest babies are home from college and it has been an interesting transition to say the least. Besides the normal shock of the grocery bill going up weekly, seeing my two older children walk my floors again, and waking up to a full household, it has been challenging realizing how big of a gap there is between my eldest and my youngest....I really do have a 20 year old and an 8 year old. WOW!
Having Preon and Prettie in my "PRIME" years was not something I planned, but it occurred that way. After careful consideration, I vowed to keep only my two children until I married; meaning I refused to be a single parent a third time. I learned a great deal while raising Preon and Prettie. It was during their youngest years that I decided to become an Early Education Teacher; I learned a great deal about the growth and development of young minds and bodies. Seeing them in College now (TWO College Students) validates my decision to be the best mother I could be.
Now, here I am raising a second set of children (Jaedyn, 12 and Haley, 8) which is also proving to be very interesting as well. There's a vast difference in raising the two sets. Times have changed and issues have become greater in terms of social settings such as school and media outlets.
However, my ability to stay involved and stay focused on my responsibilities as a parent have not wavered. What I have found to be difficult this year is not having anything major to plan for in terms of graduations. For two years straight, I had children deciding upon which College they would attend, what they would wear to prom, who would be their dates, etc. This year, I'm focused on Jaedyn's trip to TN for Basketball Nationals and getting Haley ready for Cheer Nationals in Vegas (Jan, 2013).
There is life after the kiddos go off to College, but Hubby and I are anxiously awaiting the day when we come home to an EMPTY nest. When all the children have completed College, have their own lives and families, we will then see our grandkids coming and affectionately welcome them with open arms as we say in unison.... They're Baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!