It Kills Me...

"It kills you to see them grow up.  But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't."  ~Barbara Kingsolver
My two eldest children returned home today from college. I was so excited to see them; there were so many emotions I felt. However, there was a sense of "relaxation" for me. I couldn't understand why I didn't feel anxiety about them driving home from school. I'm usually a worrying Mom calling every hour but there was a calmness over me this time.
Why? Because they have grown up! That's no news flash seeing as how they are 19 and 20 years of age, LOL. Unless you are the mother of young adults, this may be difficult to understand. They actually do grow up and do not need you as much. They both have their own individual personalities and qualities and they both have things they are great at. What makes me so proud is how they look after one another.
Preon took on a couple side gigs during school to help put a little cash in his pocket as well as a little cash in Prettie's pocket. They are responsible young adults who have remained focused and determined to finish what they have started.
Preon really wants to play Football and I hope that dream becomes a reality for him some day. Prettie wants to open her own practice one day and I truly hope that dream becomes a reality for her some day. Regardless of what field they choose to make a career in, I love them, support them, and will always be proud of them. Even if it kills me to see them grow up!