Because Sometimes You Have to Let Your Hair Down...

As I continue to "Let my hair down" and do more things I like to do, I had a great weekend. I started Friday night by seeing a movie with my best friend, Nakitta. We decided to let the crowds die down before going to see "Think Like a Man". The movie was pretty good and quite hilarious thanks to Kevin Hart; it's a movie I'm sure many can relate to.
I spent Saturday morning at the Park with Haley getting fitted for her Cheer uniform for this season. The highlight is that they are getting new skirts (totally changing the look). Because Haley didn't Cheer last season, and her uniform is too small now, he had to be fitted for a brand new uniform, sweatsuit, shoes, socks, etc. We're getting the whole sha-bang! Haley was so excited! I was more excited when we finally left the park 2.5 hours later! Whew! LOL
Saturday night, hubby and I attended a fight party and a fight after party! We went to two different locations and had a pretty good time. I ran into an old friend at the first party and we caught up a bit and exchanged information (current). Hubby and I really had a great time; we ended the morning, yes, I said morning, as in 2 a.m. with some Popeyes! We were showing out. LOL
I ended my weekend with my monthly D.I.V.A. Brunch on Sunday. The theme was "Derby" and we wore lovely hats. A friend of mine I invited (Michele) had the opportunity to join us today and she had a ball! I'm glad she joined us and she vowed to return to more!
It feels good to take off the Mommy Hat sometimes and just have a little fun. However, I think I had too much fun this weekend. Not looking forward to Monday Morning... I'm definitely going to need to make a stop at Starbuck's!
By the way...I'm glad Mayweather won. I knew he would!

We enjoyed Brunch at the Reef in Long Beach

Enjoying some time with the D.I.V.A.s