Spring Break Day 5 With My Girls and Daddy

Today is the final day of Spring Break. It has been an eventful week indeed! We had lots of fun. Today, Daddy joined us on our outing to The Santa Monica Pier. It was very crowded there today; the nice weather brought out all the beach lovers! There were lots of people entertaining on the Pier, Hello Kitty was there as well. The first ride we went on was the Roller Coaster. I kept laughing uncontrollably because my tummy was getting tickled by the small dips. Jaedyn said, "Mommy why are you laughing so hard?!!" Jaedyn was my ride partner for the day and Haley had Daddy as her ride partner for the day. We rode on several rides, we had lunch, and enjoyed ourselves. I'm really sad this week has come to a close; I wish I had this much time more often with the girls. I'm glad I took vacation this week instead of sending them to camp. I saved a lot of money staying home with them and we spent quality time together which is priceless.
The Santa Monica Pier
LOTS of people had the same idea we had...
 Hello Kitty came out today! *smile*

Jaedyn and Haley...

We found a seagull taking a break

Our first ride of the day. I couldn't stop laughing ...

The view from the Ferris Wheel
Mommy and Daddy

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