Spring Break Day 4 With My Girls

Day 4 of Spring Break was spent relaxing for the first half of the day. I made a hair appointment for myself on this day because Ed took Thursday -Monday off to be with us a bit. He and the girls stayed home while I went for my hair appointment. My hairdresser and I are also close friends so we caught up over some Mimosas before we started and I enjoyed some serious "girl time" with her. Afterwards, she did what she does best...Make me look simply Fabulous!!!
Later on, Daddy took Jaedyn to tutoring because she's preparing for testing at school and we want her more than ready; I had a killer headache so I rested for a few hours.
Later that night, the girls and I made Gak. We visited the Science Center the day before so we discussed some of the things at the Science Center then, we discussed becoming "Scientists" ourselves! LOL. I thought that making Gak would be a great way to culminate the visit to the Science Center. It was a really fun activity. They enjoyed it so much that they made two batches and they want to make more. I have lots of ideas that I want to share with them; we did things like this when all four were younger and I need to get back in the habit of doing activities at home when we're not so busy.
Daddy took pictures and a video for us...
Check out the video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9-lUeNM928&feature=autoshare
Here are some pics
You'll need glue, cold water, hot water, Borax, food coloring, wooden craft stricks, measuring cup and spoons, a large plastic bowl and a wonderful imagination!

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Haley became very creative with her Gak