Spring Break Day 3 With My Girls

On Wednesday, I took the girls to the California Science Center with...
My Mom

We haven't visited the Science Center in years and I thought it would be a great idea to take them. I asked my Mom to come along with us because I try to spend as much time as possible with her; it's good for the girls to spend time with their grandmother as well. Haley is no fan of the sun! LOL.
We visited many exhibits in the center and the girls had fun. We purchased tickets to the IMAX theatre because we wanted to see the movie "Born to be Wild". After waiting 45 minutes, the movie was cancelled due to technical difficulties. We were disappointed, but there is a new Cleopatra exhibit coming May 23rd and there's an IMAX movie entitled Mysteries of Egypt; we're going to visit the exhibit and see the movie.
Overall, it was a nice day. We did lots of walking, talking, and learning. We saw Tess, the mechanical lady, took a walk through the Rose Garden, took a break at McDonald's, and enjoyed ourselves!
I love it that Haley is such a "Kid" She's in no hurry to grow up

Haley building

Jaedyn and Haley trying to see how many "pumps" it takes to get a Giraffe's blood pressure going

TESS the mechanical lady. This has been my favorite part of the Science center since...FOREVER!

I love that Tess has her toes polished. Haley: "Mommy, you HAVE to take a picture of her toes!"

Her arm moves as well as her finger to turn off the light!

I'm glad we spent time with my Mom as well.

Me and my girls. Haley does not like the sun!

The girls were a bit bored in the Rose Garden...

but...my Mom loves Roses so we spent some time in the Garden enjoying the Roses

You can't visit the Science Center without enjoying the Roses! My Mom planted Roses at home all the time when we were younger and she still does!

Break Time...

Thankful for a positive relationship with my Mom.

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