The Speed of Life

I haven't blogged since Feb 13th! How awful. Things are moving at the "Speed of Life"! Jaedyn is playing ball every weekend and Haley has began preparing for another season of Cheer. There is hardly any time to do anything other than work and be a Mom; sometimes things get crazy like that but I have to keep moving. I'm considering switching my Blog to a new Blog site so that I am able to keep up via my mobile.
On another note, our children are growing so fast. Preon turned 20 in Feb. Jaedyn just turned 12 on the 12th, Haley is turning 8 on the 29th (in a few days) and Prettie will be 19 in April!!! I love watching them grow, mature, and become young adults; its also bittersweet because I wish I could just freeze times.
The joys of motherhood, right?! Fortunately, I have my mom to help keep me grounded when I need it sometimes.
I have missed blogging and I hope to find a solution soon. I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...
Haley is turning 8!

My eldest, Preon just turned 20 and Prettie will be 19 in April

Me, Jaedyn (just turned 12) and my Mommy! I'm so blessed.
My rock! My foundation...Hubby.