When Trust Is a Thing of the Past

As an educator, I have watched the news in shock. My heart aches for the students who were taken advantage of by the adults in their lives who were placed there to instill in them a love of learning. What do we, as parents do when we discover that something like this has happened? Who do we blame? Should we have known? Is it our fault? These are questions I am sure are running through the minds of the parents of these students. Where do they go from here?
Replacing the staff at the school is, in my opinion, a bandage for the situation. You have a school full of parents and students who have no idea whom they can trust and you bring in an entirely new staff in an effort to "fix" the situation. On the other hand, its a difficult situation for the Superintendent because he feel he needs to do "something" for the sake of the children and the families involved.
As parents, we have to be very involved in the education of our students. We have to stay in the faces (so to speak) of the teachers who are educating our children. Teachers need to know we are here and we are involved and we are asking questions. The teachers of my children know my car, my email, and my phone number. I am forever questioning them and my children regarding things which occur at the campuses and in the classrooms (both academically and behaviorally).
I can't stress it enough parents... GET INVOLVED AND ASK QUESTIONS. STAY INVOLVED.
It's difficult to juggle work, home, school, extra curricular activities, etc., but it's possible. Know what's going on at the schools of your children. When you're not involved, you may just be left out of the loop.