Never Too Old to Learn

In my last post, I spoke of a learning process with my daughter Jaedyn. The learning process continues for me. I am learning to be patient and hear God when he is sending me these messages after I pray to him for guidance. Sometimes, the very things or accomplishments we seek are not meant for us. I keep trying to open doors that God has closed ( SIX times to be exact, I have tried to open them). HE keeps telling me "NO" in a nice way and putting signs in front of me to go in another direction. Tonight, I listened and learned. I have set things in motion to head in that direction that God is telling me to go. HE is good and trustworthy and honest and HE never fails me. I am learning to lean not on my own understanding, but HIS will.
As I pray again tonight, I will ask him to guide my footsteps and control my tongue and help my mind to stay focused. If I stay ready, I don't have to get ready. Amen.