CHEERS!!!! To New Beginnings

Although today is the 9th day of 2012, it feels like the year is just beginning for me. As a parent, I feel a sense of accomplishment because I have two college students who are off to a great start. Not only are they off to a great start, but I'm not suffering from separation anxiety! There is a calm over me to know that they are together. Although Prettie did not want to attend school with Preon (she compared it to being in High School again and being Preon's lil sister), God had other plans for them and I'm alright with it.
I interviewed for a teaching position at two different locations (closer to home) and did very well.  Both administrators really liked me; I chose a location and I started today. Change can be difficult sometimes, but often necessary. I also applied for a Principal position (I would be responsible for two Centers) and I am praying that I get it. It's a new year, with many new beginnings for me and my family. I feel a sense of... worry, I guess is the word, about whether or not I will get the Principal job, but I have to know God is in control. As parents, we want the best for our children, and being able to provide for their needs and wants is something that I, as a parent, often consider. With two in college and no scholarships, it can be very expensive; to hold a position (of this magnitude) after two years of pursuing and attaining my Master's Degree, would absolutely be a blessing for our family.'s to new beginnings! Blessings to you all and may we all have a blessed and prosperous NEW YEAR!

I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...