Silly Boyz...Trucks Are for Girlz Too!!!

Who says only boys can play with trucks? Only girls can play with dishes? Don't panic if you see your child(ren) assuming "another" role while engaged in play; its important to allow children to have hands on experiences and venture into other roles. In all honesty, our sons will grow up to be fathers one day. Wouldn't it be nice if he has experiences in handling a baby, cooking, sweeping and vacuuming? There is no need to panic when boys visit the Dramatic Play area at school; reminding children of the various roles in the home is healthy and age appropriate for Preschoolers. The same hold true for girls who may want to visit the wood bench or the block area at school; who says a girl can't work on a construction site or become a world renowned architect?
Eventually, our children will grow up and leave the home and become adults, possibly parents. We want them to have real-life experiences at an early age which will, in the end, prove to be beneficial.