Fruit Snacks!

When I think of Fruit Snacks, and when I eat Fruit Snacks, I feel young. Not literally of course, but Fruit Snacks are most kids' favorite things to eat. Children often do not worry about the tedious and troublesome issues we as adults face on a daily basis. Therefore, when I'm having a "moment" I sometimes grab a bag of "Fruit Snacks" and just eat myself into "happiness"! I have to be honest and say that this is not my usual method of release and relax, but I have had several "Fruit Snacks" moments. A smile just instantly comes to my face when I have a Fruit Snack; I think of my children and the joy and innocence of childhood.
As parents, we have to have a mental health plan in place. It is very important to consider your mental health and to have a plan for relaxing and knowing when we have reached our limits. As a professional, I have what is known as a "Professional Burnout Plan" this plan allows me to take a step back from work (Mental Health Day)when "I" deem it necessary, take time out for and with myself and take time out with family. I have also (in my older years) began to apply this "Burnout Plan" in my personal life as well. Often, we become bombarded with the daily routines that we begin to feel like robots.
Its okay if those dishes don't get washed right away; trust me,they are not going anywhere! Its okay if you only get one load of laundry done. When you don't feel like doing something, don't do it. Its somewhat like a meal plan. How so? The meal plan usually does not leave room for Brownies (I love Brownies)so you feel like you're cheating if you eat a Brownie. EAT A BROWNIE!!! Ha!
Basically, what I'm saying is, we have to know when enough is enough. Its okay to "check out" for a couple hours. When you return, it will be business as usual. Trust me. Do me a favor: next time you're feeling a bit worn out, have some "Fruit Snacks"! It works for me.
Happy Parenting!