Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full...

Making time for meaningful dinner conversations is so important for families, especially during these busy and trying times. Personally, my hubby and I have found that making time to sit and eat at the table with the children, is at times, challenging. With so many responsibilities and extra curricular activities, the family unit looks totally different today than it did years ago. What has worked for our family is to make sure we have a method to the madness; in other words, we follow strict schedules. There was a time when I was in school two days a week and meeting with my Learning Team as well as putting in countless hours of research. As a team, hubby and I made it work. We didn't sit at the table every night as a family, but we made sure that when we did sit together, we had meaningful conversations with one another as a family. With two in high school and two in elementary, you can imagine how interesting the conversations were and how they flowed from one extreme to the next. Most importantly, we worked together as a family to ensure we all pulled our weight. Having the children on a strict schedule and following it daily provided consistency and stability; children need those two things in life. Knowing what is going to occur and having attainable expectations set for them will foster their growth and development.
Don't forget about Mommy and Daddy time after the kids are all settled in bed and you finally have time to eat. Instead of eating under the "big light", light a candle, sit it on the table between the two of you and ask how your days were. It's the little things and the precious moments together as a couple, without the kids, that remind you of why you married one another in the first place. What will dinner look like in your home tonight?
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