Day Trip: Shawn's Pumpkin Patch

Sometimes the work week is so long and tiring for me that I just want to rest on Saturdays and even sleep in if possible. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often! We try to take the kiddos out and do things with them when they have no extra curricular activities planned. Because the 11 year old is between Basketball Teams and the seven year old is taking Gymnastics during afterschool hours, our Saturday was free and open. Friday night, my nephews (their cousins) came to sleep over. Saturday morning, we planned to take the kiddos to a Pumpkin Patch and what better way for me to spend time with my nephews as well. The children had their face and arms painted, they rode ponies, visited the petting zoo, jumped in the bouncer, ran through a maze, and took silly pictures. They had a blast and we spent about $40.00 for all four of them. We took them to Mc Donald's after where their Happy Meals came in cute buckets which will double as candy holders for October 31st.
There are so many Pumpkin Patches in the city and close by that you can visit. They're usually open until October 31st and some stay open until November. Also, where you see a Pumpkin Patch, you will more than likely discover that they will have an XMas Tree lot there as well in December.
Here is a link to help you locate Pumpkin Patches and more near you Pumpkin Patches and More