The Stuff in Between

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect getaway with your girls, the most romantic evening with your partner, or even the "dream job"? But once you get to that special place, you can't really enjoy it because of the stuff in between!

Now I have to be honest and say I've never been on a girls' trip; it's on my bucket list. I've had plenty romantic evenings with the Mr. and my dream job? Haven't found it yet.
However, I do know that no matter where you go, what you do, there is always the stuff in between that can make you feel like screaming!!! running!!! and retreating!!! I had one of those days today. 
Without me going into detail too much, I will just say, team work makes the dream work! There is no I in team but when "I" don't feel like I'm part of a team, the stuff in between begins to consume me and me wanna run for the hills! Woo-Saaaaa!!!!