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Should we, as parents, discipline someone else's kid while on school grounds?
Shouting at kids on school grounds is the norm for some adults.

For me, this is an easy answer because of my views on discipline. Discipline is not just "laying" hands on a child, it is also guiding them and leading them in the right direction; giving them something to think about. I have a strong history with children in general, seeing as how I've raised and am still raising my own four. I have worked with kids of all ages, and I have helped raise nieces, nephews, friends, and god-children. I see it, in simple terms, as my duty to duty to be a part of the "village" it takes to raise children. But should I discipline someone else's kid while on school grounds?

It's not what you do, but how you do it.

I say YES! Why? It's simple: if I see kids being disrespectful to one another or an adult, I pay careful attention to the situation and if there is "room" for me to step in and "politely" reason with this kid about their behavior, I do. I don't yell and scream at them, but I put the ball back in their court and ask, "Should you be doing that?" "Should you speak that way?" Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Bottom line is this, I do not speak to someone else's child in a disrespectful manner. But if I turn my back when I could possibly assist, what am I doing for that child? Nothing. If I stop and take few minutes with this child, I can only help. Regardless if the child is receptive, I have given them )I hope) something to think about.

Some children are looking for someone to care enough about what they are doing to say something. Not yell and scream, but say something. There may be some who could care less of your opinion, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve positive guidance. I guess I'm somewhat partial because I am a child advocate and I believe that children deserve the benefit of the doubt. They're not perfect, just as we are not perfect, but we, as adults know better whereas children are still learning. I don't care if they stand as tall as us or may be taller, they are still someone's baby and they need guidance. It literally takes a village to raise children. But when members of a village turn their backs on those who need us the most, our future, where does that leave us? Each one, teach one.

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