Make-Up or Break-Up?

On my morning commute this morning, I saw a lady in the car in front of me putting  on make-up. She appeared to be doing damage to her face. I mean, the entire car was shaking and rocking as she applied her make-up, and in between lights, she would zoom off to try and make it to the next stop quickly so she could continue applying make-up. I thought it was safest to stay  behind her so she wouldn't crash into me and it was hilarious just watching her stab her face with a sponged wedge!

This commute entertainment sparked many questions in this head of mine:
1. Why isn't she doing this at home?
I think maybe an extra 20-30 minutes added to her alarm would help
2. Is this safe?
I don't think so. She swooped in front of me, raced to every light, and swereved a couple times into the next lane.
3. Why is putting on make-up so important that it NEEDS to be applied BEFORE you get where you're going?
4. When women wear make-up daily, does it cause them to look (insert word(s) here) when they don't wear it?
5. How rigourously should make-up be applied? If the entire car was shaking and rocking, that can't be healthy attention to her face. How much damage is being done to her face?

I guess I would be considered a plain Jane to some because I don't wear make-up everyday. I like wearing it sometimes and I own everything from brushes to glosses but the thought of clogging my pores on a daily basis is scary for me. I think it's okay to wear make-up sometimes, but not daily. It just doesn't seem healthy. Caring for the skin is tricky enough without adding extra issues to think about.
Besides, the lady in front of me clearly proved that you need to break-up with your make-up, at least during driving hours!

Have a wonderful Hump Day! It's almost Friday!